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A Poker Tournament is a format of online poker game which you play until one final player stands as the winner. Each one of the players enter the tournament for the same amount of money, it is called the buy-in. All players start out with an equal amount of chips and, as the tournament progresses, the stakes are typically raised every 5-15 minutes. As players go broke they are eliminated (unless if it is a re-buy tournament, where a player has the option of buying in again during a specified time period - 're-buy'). The tournament ends when one player has all the chips and are announced the winner.

Tournament Table and Lobby: After you click to reach the tournament Lobby you’ll be able to find an additional useful and required information.
In most Poker Rooms that run Tournaments you can usually reach the tournaments schedules, tournaments information, tournaments T&C by pressing the "Tournaments" button to open and gt into the tournament lobby. In the tournament lobby, you can get more detailed information about the tournament, such as prize info (once registration has closed), tournament structure, registered participants and a general description.
To register to enter the tournament you need to visit the tournament lobby as well.

To sign up for the tournament you should click the “register" button in the tournament lobby. Please be advised that this button will only be available after the tournament opens and registration has begun. Clicking the “register" button brings up the tournament buy-in dialog. You will be asked to confirm you wish to buy in to the tournament. Should you be unable to play a tournament you may click ‘unregister’ in the tournament lobby and your buy-in and fee will be refunded to your poker account. You can only unregister as long as registration is open.

Once the tournament begins, a tournament table window will automatically open with you seated at the table. When the action begins in a blind game, the button is placed randomly at one of the seats, and everyone is dealt in. If it is your turn to post a blind, the software automatically posts the blind for you. If you need to leave your computer for any reason and do not want to get timed out, click “sit out next hand". On the table you can find information about current blind level, when the blind level will increase and how long it is until the next break. Blinds will increase in ‘levels’, these are set periods of time throughout the tournament in which the compulsory bets will increase according to the set tournament blind structure. Play continues until one player is remaining with all the chips and is crowned the tournament champion!

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Guarantee tournaments: A guarantee tournament works in the same way as normal tournament, except that a certain prize pool amount is guaranteed! No matter how many players register, as long as there are enough for the tournament to run, the prize pool will always contain at least the guaranteed amount. The prize pool can of course exceed the guaranteed amount at any point.

Satellite Tournaments: Satellite tournaments are tournaments wherein the prize pool awards the top players with a seat into a larger poker tournament or event. Satellites can be located in the ‘multi tourney’ tab using the ‘satellites’ tab. Satellite tournaments are a great way of qualifying for tournaments with a chance of winning great prizes by spending just a few Euros! The prize pool is decided by the number of buy-ins. For example, a satellite to a €300+20 tournament would have 1 seat awarded for every €320 in the prize pool. If 100 players register to a €10 satellite, the total prize pool would be €1000. 3 €320 seats would be awarded and the remaining €40 in the prize pool would be distributed in cash for the runner ups.

Freeroll Tournaments: If you would like to try one of our multi-table tournaments to improve your poker skills without risking your own money to start with, freeroll tournaments are ideal for you. The tournaments are free to enter and offer real cash prizes for the top finishers.

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Sit ‘n’ Go Tournaments

If the Poker Room you entered runs Sit ‘n’ Go Tournaments it can usually be directed from the Poker venue lobby. Sit ‘n’ go tournament will not commence until the designated number of participants have registered, this differs from multi tourneys in the way that the tournament will begin as soon as the sit ‘n’ go is full and not at a specific time/date (see Multi Tournaments Rules). Similar to multi table tournaments the play continues until there is one final player remaining with all the chips. Blinds are again increased after set time periods and according to the set blind structure.
  A sit ‘n’ go tournament can be played with 2 to 30 players and can be played at different speeds. You can choose any thing between normal blind structures (10 minutes), speed structure (5 minutes) and a turbo structure (3 minutes).

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