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New Draw Poker Games at Full Tilt Poker

posted Jan 13, 2011, 2:41 AM by admin CW
Full Tilt Poker had recently added Draw Poker to their range of games. Full Tilt Poker offers now five variants of Draw Poker:
Draw Poker Games - Full Tilt Poker

  •     5-Card Draw: This classic game features one draw round and is played for the high.
  •     2-7 Triple Draw: One of the most popular draw games, 2-7 Triple Draw features three draw rounds to make the best possible low hand.
  •     2-7 Single Draw: Which is also known as Kansas City Lowball, this game is similar in nature to 2-7 Triple Draw, but only features one draw round.
  •     A-5 Triple Draw: Another draw game played for the low, A-5 Triple draw differs from 2-7 games in that the Ace is always considered a low card rather than a high card, and straights and flushes are ignored.
  •     Badugi: A unique draw game is played using only four pocket cards. There are three draw rounds, and the goal of the game is to make a low hand using four different cards of all different suits.

*The Draw variants are available as ring games and in various tournament formats, including a 10-game, 9-game and 8-game mix tournaments.

If you want to expand your poker skills, go ahead and try these new Full Tilt Poker Draw Poker Games.

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