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POLi Casinos

POLi - Available for players from Australia, New Zealand and the UK.

POLi is an online payment option which gives people the opportunity to use their internet banking facility in order to make payments online in a safe, fast and secure matter.

POLi can also be used as an alternative for credit cards to make purchases and payment online.

Using POLi provides you the security of your internet banking service without the need to register and it keeps you safe - your personal information is not disclosed to any party (including POLi).

How POLi works:

1. Download POLi
2. Choose POLi as your payment option when entering the Casino/ Poker Cashier.
3. Select your internet banking provider
4. Select your preferred account and confirm payment details.
5. Payment is complete and receipt is issued.

Casinos that accept POLi as a Money Option:

Mansion Casino

Mansion Casino

Roxy Palace

Roxy Palace - POLi

POLi Contact Details:

POLi contact online form


Watch POLi demo here

POLi advantages:

  • Payments are made directly from your online bank account.
  • There is no registration needed, simply download and install POLi.
  • Your account information are kept secure and confidential.
  • Better manage for your finances and account balances.