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Gold-Pay Casinos

-  a gold-backed (and redeemable), electronic book-entry system that serves as a platform of free and voluntary commerce and exchange between users, denominated in grams of gold (G).

is available to anyone, who is of a legal age in his/her country of residence, every where in the world to purchase gold easily and inexpensively and also to use that Gold-Pay account to receive and make payments to any other user, as a means of trade for goods and services.

How Gold-Pay works:

Account holders can buy gold directly from via Money-gram, Western Union or Bank Wire. Also, users can receive payments from other Gold-Pay users, or they can deposit bullion bars with

To withdraw a balance of gold (G) from their respective Gold-Pay accounts, users can withdraw directly from using Money-gram, Western Union, or Bank Wire.

As gold prices are being update every 2 minutes in the Gold-Pay system, your Gold-Pay balance will fluctuate with the price of gold.

Casinos that Accept Gold-Pay as a Money Option:

Gold-Pay Contact Form

Gold-Pay Advantages:

  • transactions are immediate, 24/7
  • all transactions are final, no chargebacks
  • every account user can send and receive payments
  • maximum privacy for all users
  • lowest transaction costs available for gold backed currency
  • redeem your Gold-Pay grams for physical gold
  • Gold-Pay is fully redeemable for actual, physical gold. A user account is the same as buying physical gold but with no taxes or surcharges, and complete privacy

Gold-Pay Fees has the simplest transaction fees in the industry at the lowest cost.

Gold-Pay is accounted for by weight (G = grams of gold). All fees are specified in grams (G) of gold, and are based on the weight of gold transferred or held.

Transaction Fee
2%, of transaction amount is deducted automatically from the recipient account upon receipt of the payment.

Storage Fee
There are no storage fees or monthly account fees.

E-check deposit fees

Credit Card Bailment deposit fees
$12.50 or 8.8% of deposit amount (whichever is greater)

Deposit fees (Western Union, MoneyGram):

Amount to deposit       Fee
50 to 300                    $10
301 and above             $0

Withdrawal fees for Bank Wires:
Fee is $60 per bank wire.

Minimum Withdrawal is $3,000.
Maximum Withdrawal is $50,000.