This July at PokerHeaven - Bad Beat Jackpot World Record

posted Jun 30, 2011, 5:25 AM by April Orsol
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At PokerHeaven, the Bad Beat Jackpot is standing at the moment at €950,000 and counting!! So, in case you feel a bit out of luck, from now on you can actually celebrate your bad beats.
With PokerHeaven Bad Beat Jackpot you’ll finally be hoping to lose. Here's some information about the Bad Beat Jackpot: A small fee is being collected from every raked pot, so the jackpot keeps growing with every hand players play at the tables.


Bad Beat Jackpot - PokerHeaven

Let's say you want the chance to WIN this World Record Jackpot - This is how you qualify for it:

Go and play at one of PokerHeaven Bad Beat Jackpot tables marked with this symbol:
And you should use both your pocket cards in your winning or losing hand.
While your losing hand must be Four of a Kind Tens, or better
and 4 or more players must be dealt into the hand.

Who gets what?

Bad Beat Jackpot Winners percentages

* Please notice that the players who sat out of the hand will not receive a portion of the jackpot.

Please Check the Terms & Conditions of this promotion

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